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About NEOPAX, the specialist in security and guarding

NEOPAX offers private security services that combine both human presence and electronic and technological tools. We only select competent and efficient agents to ensure your security.

The strengths of NEOPAX for security and guarding

Thanks to its experience and expertise in security and guarding, NEOPAX distinguishes itself by 5 major strengths:

Qualified security officers

NEOPAX security agents are recruited on the basis of strict selection. Both the skills inherent in the profession of security and the compliance with a code of conduct impose a great deal of rigour and specific training. The experience of our security officers is studied before assigning any mission. Moreover, all our agents possess C.N.A.P.S. accreditation, allowing them to exercise their profession. Rigour, punctuality, confidentiality and efficiency are the keywords for our agents when carrying out their missions.

Security consulting

Whatever your environment, company culture or the risks inherent for the physical security of a person or of a structure, our company provides the advice and expertise in security and guarding to deal with the worst scenarios. Our operating methods give us the flexibility and responsiveness to meet the threats and vulnerabilities that we identify with our clients.


By choosing NEOPAX, you choose a trusted partner that guarantees the confidentiality of each mission. You will find this culture of confidentiality at every level of our company, from the management right through to our operative staff in the field.

Experience in security

Our services and the missions carried out in France allow us to constantly improve our knowledge of the threats that could affect your safety. Our team provides you with the knowledge and the experience needed to face these threats.


Whether you wish to entrust us with a security mission or electronic surveillance, our knowledge of security technologies allows us to choose the right equipment to perform the mission in accordance with your imperatives of time, cost and quality.

NEOPAX security strategy

NEOPAX has the objective of strengthening its leading position on the security market by mobilizing its resources around relevant projects and by ensuring outstanding service. At NEOPAX, our aim is to be recognized for our seriousness, quality of service, experience and expertise.

We strive to continuously enhance our role of trusted partner for the different sectors of expertise that we cover, i.e.:

  • Security of events and conferences
  • Risk management
  • Security patrols
  • Cybersecurity
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm response
  • Security guarding
  • The protection of isolated workers

The internal organization of NEOPAX – meeting all your security needs

NEOPAX offers you 24/7 on-call service. We have office hours from Monday to Friday so that you can contact us for any question concerning the management or follow-up of your projects. Outside of office hours and during the weekend, we are on standby 24/24 in order to deal with requests, manage calls and interventions.

In this way, we are able to intervene rapidly and deploy our expertise in most areas of activity:

NEOPAX sectors of expertise

  • Institutional and industrial security guarding
  • Prevention and fire safety in high-rise buildings “SSIAP 1/2/ 3”
  • Prevention and fire safety in buildings receiving the public “SSIAP 1/2/ 3”
  • Access control, filtering, and the orientation of visitors and staff
  • Telephone filtering
  • Security patrols and equipment surveillance
  • Canine assisted intervention
  • One-off interventions by our specialist teams
  • Events
  • On-site security audits and recommendations
  • Economic intelligence

Sectors of activity

  • Buildings and offices
  • Hotels
  • Administrative buildings
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Private residences
  • International trade fairs
  • Private events
  • Industrial sites
  • Zones of activity
  • Shopping centre
  • Sporting and cultural events
  • Amusement parks