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Services offered by the expert in security and guarding

The main objective of NEOPAX is to differentiate itself from the competition by its quality of service, providing added value to services based on real knowledge of the security business, gained from several years’ experience in contact with high-end clients.
The security and guarding services offered by NEOPAX are structured around 2 main areas: Protection of property, and Engineering and Consulting.

The protection of property

NEOPAX intervenes around sensitive sites for your peace of mind and safety. NEOPAX engages in a project which is articulated around a structure, a technique and an organization to establish the list of priorities and emergency measures.

The process for the protection of property comprises:

  • The assessment of threats
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Treatment of risks
  • Means of protection (mechanical, intrusion detection, surveillance monitoring)

We provide the means necessary for the realization of your project to achieve optimal security. We guarantee the confidentiality of the elements and place all the means necessary for your project at your disposal.

Engineering and Security consulting

Safety and security have become real necessities in the current context. NEOPAX offers you a dynamic quality process to ensure the competitiveness of each company within the market. Our rigour will allow you to reduce your costs of “non-security”. Our teams will assist and accompany you for the implementation of specific solutions.

Security against malicious acts:

  • Establishment of an audit
  • Training for the rules of prevention and security.
  • Provision of qualified personnel.
  • Test of physical intrusion, assessment of existing security.
  • Drafting of specifications of procedure.
  • Establishment of internal and external prevention plans.
  • Means of mechanical protection, intrusion detection, video surveillance.
  • Security of sensitive sites, service and industrial buildings.
  • Study and realization of a security project.
  • Support and safety for your travel in hostile zones.

NEOPAX distinguishes itself from its competitors by closely monitoring the evolution of risk and by its management of costs.

NEOPAX: Security on a human scale

By remaining on a human scale, NEOPAX is able to stay receptive to its collaborators. It is our goal to pay our staff in the upper range of the salary scale, in order to maintain a motivated, enterprising and serious workforce.

Thanks to its human scale structure, NEOPAX is able to:

  • adapt each contract to the specific characteristics of the site and of the client
  • provide the necessary means and autonomy to our heads of service
  • adapt our means to achieve operational responsiveness
  • incorporate the latest technical concepts into all of our services
  • adapt our recruitment
  • ensure ongoing further training for all our teams

Trust the expert in safety and security, trust NEOPAX!